Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What’s the survey about?
The survey is about your experiences with your provider. The questions concern the quality of your provider's care that only patients like you can evaluate - like how well the provider listens to their patients.

How will my answers be used?
Your answers will be combined with answers from other patients and these combined, summary results will be shared with the provider and medical group to help them understand how well their patients' needs are met and to improve in any areas in which patients are dissatisfied.

Why should I do the survey?
Your opinions are important to help your provider understand how well their patients' needs are met. The experiences that you and other patients report can help the provider better communicate with patients, see that patients get care when needed and make sure that all of the patient's care is well coordinated.

How was I selected?
You were selected from among the people who had visits with this provider from January 2018 through December 2018.

Are my answers confidential?
Your answers are confidential. The Center for the Study of Services (CSS) is an independent research firm that will collect the survey data and only prepare reports that summarize the answers of all patients. Your name will not be shared with the provider or anyone else. Your email address will not be recorded; it is not shared with anyone. Your participation in the survey is voluntary. This on-line survey is on a secure web site run by CSS.

Why do you ask demographic (age, education, etc.) questions?
These types of questions are used to understand how well the needs of different types of people are met. Please note that your answers are always completely confidential and you will never be identified individually to anyone.

What if I have technical problems?
Please follow your normal technical support channels, or check the suggestions on our HELP button.

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