Help for Computer Problems


I can’t access the web survey:
Thousands of people like yourself may be trying to access the website at the same time. Please wait a few seconds and then enter your response again.

I got an error message:
In the unusual event that you receive an error message, the server may be busy. Wait 60 seconds and then click the browser refresh button to continue.

I can’t see all the questions. / I can’t see where to enter responses. / Some of the controls like “back” or “next” do not appear to work:

  • If the page has not fully loaded, click on your browser “refresh” button
  • Close other applications that may be running on your computer.
  • You may have an older browser version that does not function properly with more modern controls. Try upgrading your browser to the most recent version.
  • If your browser screen isn’t big enough, i.e. the left/right edges of the questions are getting cut off, maximize your browser window. You can also use your mouse to move the scroll bar at the bottom of your browser window to move right and left.

I have a current browser version, and I still get errors or the screen does not display properly:
You may send our technical staff an email explaining your problem –

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